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Related wikiHows. More References 4. Co-authors: Updated: April 15, I loved her debut. View all 8 comments. Zoe and Lucas were almost ready — the first performance for Zoe since the accident — and her first performance with her step-brother by her side.

The nerves were vibrating in them both, both in different ways. But Zoe knew once her fingers touched the keys and Lucas was playing beside her, she would be fine; they would be fine.

But the monumental disturbance in the middle of their recital was the beginni Zoe and Lucas were almost ready — the first performance for Zoe since the accident — and her first performance with her step-brother by her side.

But the monumental disturbance in the middle of their recital was the beginning of a terrible ending for them all… When Maria had met and married Chris, Zoe felt they were given a Second Chance at life.

Chris was a self-made millionaire and his son Lucas was a gifted pianist as well. So the family fitted together like they were meant to be.

I loved Burnt Paper Sky when it was released and The Perfect Girl is a gripping and intense psychological thriller which I highly recommend.

View all 17 comments. Just fantastic!! The book moves quickly from the first page throughout the entire journey.

Lots of surprises. I enjoyed the changing narrators, it added a great layer to the story. Highly recommend! Nov 03, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: traveling-sisters-reads.

This was my first Gilly Macmillan read. The beginning of this book was great. It sucked me in quickly, and I could not put it down.

Hats off to the author for creating this interesting scenario and packing so much into such a short timeframe. I was very impressed with her ability to do this!

That being said, here is where my rating started to falter. There are several important characters Zoe, Maria, Tessa, Lucas, etc. However, there are secondary characters that I felt received more mention or focus than deemed necessary.

And, to me, it took away from the storyline a bit. Also, while I praise the author for creating an intriguing story within such a small timeframe, it also seemed to hinder the story a bit.

I felt maybe it drug on a little too long, when it could have been wrapped up earlier. I do not want to say too much and will let everyone form their own thoughts and opinions, but the title fascinated me.

Who is The Perfect Girl in this story? Who wants to be The Perfect Girl? Is there such a thing? What an interesting title that can be left open to interpretation.

I will leave you to ponder on that and draw your own conclusions! Thanks for great comments and conversations, Sisters!

Full disclosure: I didn't much like either of those, and so it's not all that surprising that this one didn't grip me either. I wish it had: the basic premise is pretty good, and if you did enjoy GONE GIRL and the little flotilla of similarly-marketed novels that followed in its wake, you'll probably like this one, too.

The reasons I didn't are probably more to do with my own tastes and bugbears than anything else, so if you don't care about those, by all means go forth and read it.

It's a perfectly decent thriller of its type. But - One: the title. Not the author's fault, I know, but there you are. I'm over them.

I'm aware that this is not a problem for many people, but for me, it really is. I like to be surprised, and I wasn't. Every development, every character was a trope I believe I actually read the phrase "the ice queen and her swarthy companion" at one stage, and it finished me.

It's almost as if the whole book written from many POVs, all seemingly identical is a rough draft for a screenplay as-yet to be written - some chapters actually take the form of a proto-screenplay, as if trying to drop a broad hint to prospective film producers.

Not that this wouldn't make a good film - perhaps a better film than a book. I look forward to watching it.

Perhaps I'll like it better that way View all 3 comments. Four a half stars. Originally titled Butterfly in the Dark it has undergone a change of name and is now The Perfect Girl.

Perfect the book is not, but it is an absolutely compelling read about Zoe, a teenage musical prodigy and her family. In her other life, Zoe was convicted of having caused the death of their teenagers.

Now she is back trying to resurrect the career that Four a half stars. Now she is back trying to resurrect the career that stalled and appeared over with her conviction and time spent in The Unit.

With concert with Lucas, her stepbrother this is the first performance of her Second Chance Life.

But plans have a way of being thwarted. Rather than feeling like it is chopping the story up as can happen when not handled well, this technique makes for interesting reading.

This novel certainly presents some heavy issues to think about. There are a couple of things that concerned me a little but to divulge would give away too much of the story.

This is a book people will read, recommend and want to talk about. I found it and engrossing and a quick read that I kept wanting to get back to.

Thanks to The Reading Room and the publisher for my copy to read and review. Shelves: arc-edelweiss , fiction , mystery , britain , domestic-suspense.

The girl in this case is Zoe Maisey, a music prodigy, and she was perfect, once. One day Zoe is a good girl and the next she is serving time for causing the death of three fellow teens.

She is now out and trying to get her life back. Her mother, in a new marriage with a stepson and a child with her new husband, puts Zoe back into music and tries to rebuild their life.

At the end of a concert, her mother will be found dead, and Zoe's new life will unravel. I gave this novel three stars but I am not sure if that is fair.

The suspense in this novel is okay, but it tries to drag out secrets even when the reader probably has put it together. I am not sure if the characters are meant to be reserved or unlikable, but I just didn't connect with them.

I didn't dislike them, but rather felt nothing invested in them. Usually, when a character is deplorable you can at least hope they get what is coming to them.

The ending has been done before and it just left me feeling unsatisfied. I think I gave it a three because the author has potential, I finished the book and I do want to read her earlier book that everyone raves about.

View all 6 comments. It is fair to say that this an "it" book. You only have to look at the front cover to see the dreaded for me at least line, "for anyone who loved The Girl on the Train, It's a must-read".

While this is not uncommon being compared to big name books it does heighten my expectations. It also means the book lives or dies by what it delivers.

Can it live up to those lofty pieces of praise. Originally titled Butterfly in the Dark, the story revolves around teenage musical prodigy Zoe Maisey.

Years ea It is fair to say that this an "it" book. Years earlier she was convicted of killing of a number of her friends in a car accident and was sentenced to nine months in a rehabilitation unit.

Now years later her parents have divorced, with her mother remarrying. Tonight is mean't to be the culmination of Zoe's life resurrection, performing a musical with her brother in law Lucas.

The performance in itself will go well, but the rest of the night will be disaster. Firstly a father of one of the teenagers killed in the accident, will threaten Zoe from the audience.

Then tragically by the end of the night, Zoe's mother will be dead. The question of who killed Zoe's mum is paramount, but is one that is skillfully blended in with the impact of what the death will do to an already fragile family structure.

The story is told not by one main narrator, but instead from all of the family and a local lawyer. Rather than making this a fragmented read, it instead, thanks the writing made for an intriguing read.

With themes as varied as domestic violence, infidelity, substance abuse and how we as humans try to move on from the greatest upheavals in our lives, made for compelling reading.

While in no way a great thriller, The Perfect Girl is a excellent page turner for those after a clever and well written thriller.

View 2 comments. Zoe Guerin is a musical prodigy child genius. The story begins on a Sunday night, as Zoe, after causing the death of three teenagers and serving time for it, is about to make her musical comeback with her step-brother Lucas.

This story is a gripping psychological thriller with a very intricate timeline, with only a few pages to each chapter. The writing was snappy and concise and flowed very well.

It seems to me that every mystery and thriller novel at the moment must be compared to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train when it really is not necessary.

This novel stands well and truly elevated all by itself, without having to rely on other successful pieces to keep it up. When we come into the picture, Zoe is about to give the first performance of her new life but by the end of this night tragedy will strike once again.

There is plenty of intricate character study running through the narrative, still waters run deep in this one, it is endlessly intriguing, often very melancholy and absolutely authentic.

Really very excellent. Very excellent indeed. Highly Recommended. Oct 22, Li'l Owl rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-crime-suspense-thriller , owl-s-audible-audiobooks-own , uk-author-setting , stand-alone.

It's as if it never existed. Maria has married Chris and now Zoe has a step brother, Lucas, and a new baby sister, Grace.

Chris and Lucas have no idea what Zoe and her mum are hiding and neither one talks about her life "before. They were wr 17 year old Zoe and her mum, Maria, are just beginning a brand new life ninety miles away from where they lived before, secure in the knowledge that they've successfully left the past behind for good.

They were wrong. Audiobook The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan is an exhilarating, high paced, psychological suspence thriller that pulls you in from the start and keeps you guessing all the way to the unforeseen conclusion.

As the story unfolds we are given small peeks into the past, behind the secrets that Zoe and her mum are hiding from in this new life.

I felt an unmistakable sensation of nail biting anticipation that kept me from pausing the story for very long, wanting to return to it every chance I got!

I have really enjoyed all the books I've read by Gilly Macmillan and this one was no exception! Here's what I want from audiobook narrators.

Natural cadence, smooth, free flowing. Effortlessly evokes genuine, tangible emotion s. I enjoyed it more than I would have if I had read the book.

View all 5 comments. This was my first book by Gilly Macmillan and I was not disappointed! The alternating POV was done really well and the book kept me on the hook all day.

When I had a chance, I was reading. I will definitely be reading more of her books in the future! To say that The Perfect Girl was a real page turner would be an understatement for me.

Once I read the first page I didn't stop reading until I completely finished the book! That rarely happens The storyline appears simple enough: child prodigy, once in trouble with the law, now making a comeback but suddenly her mother is murdered.

However, there is SO much more to this story and so much history with the characters within the story that nothing at all is simple.

Not even the ending. T To say that The Perfect Girl was a real page turner would be an understatement for me.

There is some back and forth timeline in the book and nearly every chapter switches back and forth between different character's points of view.

Often this can get confusing, I know, but Macmillan handles it very well and her character development is incredibly thorough so that you want to know what each one is thinking and doing.

There are a lot of issues dealt with in the story: teenage drinking, drunk driving, infidelity, and murder and the questions raised will give you pause to think.

It's more than a suspense novel and I highly recommend it. The Perfect Girl is a touchingly profound story of a parent fulfilling their dreams through their child and simultaneously a heartbreaking insight into just how a parents misplaced nurturing can focus undo emphasis on one aspect of a child's character, honing it to the point of obsession and thereby coming to define a child by their ability.

This is a tragic story which should be compulsory reading for all parents nowadays and it is both a poignant and deeply thought provoking read.

In an increa The Perfect Girl is a touchingly profound story of a parent fulfilling their dreams through their child and simultaneously a heartbreaking insight into just how a parents misplaced nurturing can focus undo emphasis on one aspect of a child's character, honing it to the point of obsession and thereby coming to define a child by their ability.

In an increasingly competitive world where gaining the edge is at the forefront of every parents mind as they launch their offspring into the 'survival of the fittest culture' of the modern world, The Perfect Girl is more relevant than ever.

Precociously talented pianist Zoe Guerin is the epitome of a gifted child at the age of fourteen, but one mistake leads to a very spectacular fall from grace and has seismic repercussions.

As a music scholar at a prestigious school she is made well aware of her status as 'official pond life' and the Popular Girls that rule the roost are very keen to make sure that she knows her place.

Bullied and with her self-esteem cripplingly low, she is attracted to the fringes of the hangers-on that ache to be cool and fit in amongst the Popular Girls.

Until one mistake changes all of that, and Zoe's life becomes a question of "what if's" and shows just how fickle fate can be.

Taking what she thinks is the most sensible decision in the circumstances and driving her drunken best friend home one moment of lapsed concentration leaves Zoe facing responsibility for the deaths of three teens whilst driving under the influence of drink.

A damning charge for anyone, even more so for a fourteen-year-old who should never have been behind the wheel in the first place and swears blind she never knowingly consumed excessive alcohol.

Sentenced to eighteen-months in a Secure Unit, mother Maria's life descends into free fall as her determination to save Zoe's promise and obvious potential drives a wedge between her and husband, Philip.

Until that is Maria, Zoe's Key Worker at the Unit, Jason and her sister, Tessa come to the agreement that her talent could also be her route to redemption.

As Zoe performs her first recital post life in the Secure Unit, now living anonymously under the name Zoe Maisey in a suburb of Bristol, complicit in keeping her past a closely guarded secret from step-father, Chris and his son, Lucas, she understands the strained tension which reigns inside the confines of her new home.

Perceptively coined as her Second Chance Life, step-brother, Lucas and Zoe take to the stage and begin a duet, only for an furious outburst from a grieving parent of one of the children left dead in the car accident to throw her new life up into the air.

Just hours later that Sunday evening Zoe's mother, Maria, is dead. The synopsis tells readers of Maria's fate prior to the outset of the novel, and builds on the heightened anxiety in the aftermath of the outburst and Gilly Macmillan makes her readers wait for the horrific event.

The timeframe of Sunday night through to Monday morning is placed under a microscopic spotlight as Macmillan delivers a blow by blow account of the drama that unfolds, allowing glimpses into Zoe's past to drip feed through to form a clearer picture of just what has brought her and the ever supportive Maria to this point.

Emotions are clearly worn on sleeves and in the heady aftermath of the downfall of the Second Chance Family in the Second Chance Life granted to her, Zoe's on-point narrative also reveals her estrangement from her natural father, Philip.

Zoe is hugely thankful for her post Secure Unit shot at a new life and although she is sensible enough to acknowledge the instability of her mother, Zoe's willingness to go along with the charade and keep her past secret from Chris shows just how firmly devoted to her mother she is.

Zoe is an easy person to vie for but the reality is that she has seen and heard enough during her time in the Secure Unit to understand that her history cannot be erased and she is "damaged property", with the knowledge that her reputation that will often go before her.

To all intents and purposes, Zoe was sober when she took the wheel of the car and someone's else's testimony was her downfall.

In Zoe's eyes her honesty was never rewarded in the ensuing trial, reflecting just how flawed the justice system can be. Inevitably it is this knowledge which is at the forefront of Zoe's mind in the closing stages of the novel and the most lasting reflection of her time inside has shown her that there is a often a stark difference between the truth and the hand that the justice system deals out.

Sometimes the system is flawed and it was a source of real pity for me that at the age of seventeen Zoe is sceptical of how unjust this can be.

That Zoe is cynical in the wake of her mothers death and to some extent plays the system is understandable as she factors in the implications of the nightmare that she finds herself amidst.

Written using multiple points of view offered by Zoe, her aunt Tessa and her solicitor, Sam Locke, this is a heartbreakingly sad novel. Sam, like many of the professionals who came into contact with Zoe during the course of her prior life is profoundly sympathetic, and his impartial observer commentary reveals his sadness at just how Zoe's future has been compromised, neither deserved or in the least bit reflective of her behaviour in general.

Sam is emotionally drawn into the plight of her situation by his burgeoning relationship with Zoe's aunt Tessa.

Not hearing from step-father Chris but merely observing his brooding menace as he struts around his perfect home emphasises the threat that he poses over the fragile calm that holds court in Zoe and Maria's Second Life.

Zoe's fiercely ironic humour and sharp wit is wonderfully incisive, often cutting through the futility of a life spent papering over the cracks.

Zoe does not expect to eschew her responsibilities for her behaviour, but the unfairness of her honesty resulting in a guilty outcome at her trial does stick in her throat and undoubtedly plays a part in her knowledge that she has to take control of her destiny in the wake of Maria's death.

Admittedly both Tessa and Sam sympathise with the situation that Zoe finds herself in, and perhaps a voice from her past, either natural dad, Philip, or a parent of one of the teens whose lives were taken would have added a contrasting opinion and perhaps made for a more balanced feel towards the attitudes of a young girl who made one fatal mistake.

In hindsight, perhaps the ending is tied up a little neatly, but The Perfect Girl is an engrossing read that poses so many important questions about nurturing our children that I reflected long and hard.

Gilly Macmillan delivers a brilliant portrayal of a girl who deserved better, not simply shoehorned into a home life bound by strict adherences to social conventions.

Insightful step-brother, Lucas is Zoe's only ally within the home and they both see what their parents trying to hold up the proverbial house of cards.

The suspense element of The Perfect Girl is limited as readers know Maria's outcome and despite racing through this book, I did have a very strong inclination of what the future would hold for Zoe, Lucas and baby Grace.

The Perfect Girl is less a thriller, more a touching insight into a bright future comprised by one mistake.

To Zoe, piano playing is never considered as a gift, but rather something that she works hard at, practising for hours.

Whether Zoe pursues her piano playing as avidly as she does knowing that it is her mother Maria's wish seems likely, although this is never addressed by Macmillan.

The Perfect Girl is a sharp insight into how damaging the bond between a parent and child simply trying to do their best for each other can be.

The Perfect Girl is at times an uncomfortable read as the spotlight is turned onto Zoe's future but it left me with plenty of food for thought and has also introduced me to Gilly Macmillan, whose highly rated debut, Burnt Paper Sky now re-titled What She Knew is firmly in my sights!

The sub-plot of Tessa, married to alcoholic husband, Richard and drawn to sensitive solicitor, Sam adds a frisson of tension to proceedings and I was pleased that Gilly Macmillan also provided a resolution to both this and Zoe's future into the close.

Even the attitudes and personalities of the characters fit into this unhappy pathology- whiny, paranoid, damaged.

There's no real happiness here, it had the equivalent effect of a film scene opening with darkened skies, pouring rain, shadows, and a creaking old timber house with broken windows.

Or maybe it did. The book leaves you with a feeling of uncertainty. That's not an attack on the author or the quality of the book, it's a popular contemporary narrative device to end without closure or just resolution, and it FIT with the whole.

Yet my inner self cries out for it and i'm left feeling dissatisfied despite understanding that this is how real life is. So despite the fact that I loved the style, the book loses a point for making me unhappy.

On one hand I liked the suspense aspect of the book but I don't think I really connected to the characters. Zoe is a musical prodigy that was convicted of a terrible crime.

It destroyed her family. Her mum has married again and had a new child. Her and Zoe call it their Second Chance Family.

They might need more that two chances to get this right I received a copy from Edelweiss and the publisher for my honest opinion.

How small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. A first and second life.

Is there hope for a third? A Sunday Night performance— before and after. Set in Bristol, Zoe Maisey, a musical prodigy—a pianist.

A fall from grace, a tormented lifeafter causing the death of three teenagers when she was only fourteen years old. A conviction.

She has done her time at the Unit. Eighteen months. Was she really guilty—DUI? Drugged, or setup? A scholarship. A cost.

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