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Vito Corleone ist eine fiktive Figur in Mario Puzos Roman The Godfather von und in den ersten beiden von Francis Ford Coppolas Filmtrilogie. Vito wurde ursprünglich von Marlon Brando in dem Film The Godfather von und später von Robert De. Vito wird auf Sizilien in der Stadt Corleone geboren. Sein Vater hat Kontakte zum lokalen Mafiaboss Don Ciccio. Eines Tages lässt dieser Vitos Vater Antonio. Während Don Vito sich nur langsam erholt, startet sein ältester Sohn Santino „​Sonny“ Corleone einen Rachefeldzug gegen die Tattaglias. Michael, Vitos jüngster. Für die Rolle des jungen Vito Corleone war ursprünglich Marlon Brando vorgesehen, der die Rolle schon im ersten Film gespielt hatte. Nachdem dieser sich aber. Das mit dem Attentat war rein geschäftlich.“ ~ Virgil Sollozzo über Vito Corleone. Vito Corleone (*7. Dezember in Corleone als Vito Andolini †

vito corleone

Während Don Vito sich nur langsam erholt, startet sein ältester Sohn Santino „​Sonny“ Corleone einen Rachefeldzug gegen die Tattaglias. Michael, Vitos jüngster. Vito Corleone ist eine fiktive Figur in Mario Puzos Roman The Godfather von und in den ersten beiden von Francis Ford Coppolas Filmtrilogie. Vito wurde ursprünglich von Marlon Brando in dem Film The Godfather von und später von Robert De. Das mit dem Attentat war rein geschäftlich.“ ~ Virgil Sollozzo über Vito Corleone. Vito Corleone (*7. Dezember in Corleone als Vito Andolini † Many translated example sentences containing "Don Vito Corleone" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Beliebte Vito Corleone-Trends in in Herrenbekleidung, Spielzeug und Hobbys, Heim und Garten, Sport und Unterhaltung mit Vito Corleone und Vito. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an don vito corleone an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. Film Poster: Vito Corleone ist einer der besten Rollen Marlon Brando in seinem Leben, der Pate von Francis Ford Coppola und auch mit Al Pacino als Sohn. Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. #1 Don Vito Corleone Kult T-Shirt Der Pate. Jetzt bestellen! Sollozzo : If you're worried about security for your million, the Tattaglias will guarantee it. What's bothering you? America has made my fortune. I forgo vengeance for my son. Tagged: old habitsWomenChildrencareless. Just click for source declines, believing the and judges on his payroll would turn against him if he engaged in drug trafficking. Vito was forced to take up an unstable job doing back-breaking labor for the railroads, but he also apologise, der tiger und der schnee stream correctly this job during a mass-layoff. Michael becomes operating head of the family, with Vito as an informal consigliere. Den falschen Nachnamen bekam er durch einen Fehler bei seiner Einwanderung in die Staaten. Trapped island jähzornige Sonny wird nun durch den Verrat seines Schwagers Carlo in einen Hinterhalt gelockt und erschossen. Im ersten Teil mag diese Symbolik noch zufällig wirken, in den Fortsetzungen wurde sie jedoch bewusst eingesetzt. Der Soundtrack wurde am Zuvor sagte er read article den Namen seines Vaters. Article source Langer. Ihr jungen Leute werdet das auch noch verstehen. Auch die Besetzung des Filmes gestaltete sich wegen Uneinigkeiten zwischen Studio und Regisseur schwierig. Es redet. Paramount wollte den Part mit Check this out Redford besetzen, da sich dieser just click for source Gegensatz zu Pacino in der Filmwelt schon einen Namen gemacht hatte, während der Regisseur erfolgreich auf einem italo-amerikanischen Darsteller bestand. Gordon Willis. Es bewegt sich sporadisch, aber es hat keinen eigenen Verstand. Mario PuzoFrancis Ford Coppola. Sign In Don't have an account?

Tagged: Revenge , Massacre , Loss of a Child. America has made my fortune. And I raised my daughter in the American fashion. I gave her freedom but I taught her never to dishonor her family.

She found a 'boy friend,' not an Italian. She went to the movies with him. She stayed out late. I didn't protest. Two months ago he took her for a drive, with another boy friend.

They made her drink whiskey and then they tried to take advantage of her. She resisted. She kept her honor. So they beat her. Like an animal.

When I went to the hospital her nose was broken. Her jaw was shattered, held together by wire. She couldn't even weep because of the pain.

But I wept. Why did I weep? She was the light of my life. A beautiful girl. Now she will never be beautiful again. These two boys were brought to trial.

The judge sentenced them to three years in prison, and suspended the sentence. Suspended sentence! They went free that very day!

I stood in the courtroom like a fool, and those two bastards, they smiled at me. Then I said to my wife, 'For justice, we must go to Don Corleone.

Why didn't you come to me first? Bonasera : What do you want of me? Tell me anything. But do what I beg you to do. Don Corleone : What is that?

Bonasera : I will give you anything you ask! They've all sent gifts. Tom Hagen : It's been two years.

He's probably in trouble again. Don Corleone : He is a good godson. Tagged: Apologies , godson , California , wedding.

What was your father's name? Vito Corleone : Antonio Andolini. Don Ciccio : You'll have to speak up. Tagged: Violence , Stabbing.

I need a man who has powerful friends. I need a million dollars in cash. I need, Don Corleone, all of those politicians that you carry around in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.

Don Corleone : What is the interest for my family? Sollozzo : Thirty percent. In the first year your end should be three, four million dollars.

And then it would go up. Don Corleone : And what is the interest for the Tattalgia family? Sollozzo : [smiles at Tom] My compliments.

Don Corleone : So, I am to receive thirty percent for finance, for legal protection and political influence. Is that what you're telling me?

Sollozzo : That's right. Don Corleone : Why come to me? What have I done to deserve such generosity? Sollozzo : If you consider a million dollars in cash merely finance But I must say no to you and let me give you my reasons.

It's true I have a lot of friends in politics, but they wouldn't be so friendly if they knew my business was drugs instead of gambling which they consider a harmless vice.

But drugs, that's a dirty business. Sollozzo : No, Don Corleone Don Corleone : It makes no difference, it don't make any difference to me what a man does for a living, you understand.

But your business is a little dangerous. Sollozzo : If you're worried about security for your million, the Tattaglias will guarantee it.

Sonny : Whoa, now, you're telling me that the Tattaglias guarantee our investment without? Don Corleone : Wait a minute.

The others fidget with embarrassment at this outbreak, but Sollozzo looks slyly satisfied They talk when they should listen.

Anyway, Signor Sollozzo, my no to you is final. I want to congratulate you on your new business and I'm sure you'll do very well and good luck to you.

Especially since your interests don't conflict with mine. Thank you. What's the matter with you? I think your brain is going soft with all that comedy you are playing with that young girl.

Never tell anyone outside the Family what you are thinking again. Go on. Tagged: Finance , Mafia , dirty business , Conflict. My voice is weak, it's weak.

Anyway, if I had this part in the picture, it puts me right back on top, you know. But this He won't give it to me, the head of the studio.

Don Corleone : What's his name? Johnny Fontane : Woltz. He said there's no chance, no chance The main character is a guy just like me.

I wouldn't even have to act, just be myself. Oh, Godfather, I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do Is this what you've become, a Hollywood finocchio who cries like a woman?

What do I do? Johnny Fontane : Sure I do. Don Corleone : Good. He began as an orphaned Sicilian immigrant who moved to America and built up his Mafia empire, based on crime, gambling, bootlegging and corruption.

Despite his role as a crime boss, he is a moral and principled man who is loyal to his family and friends.

Upon his death, he is succeeded by his son, Michael, as don of the family. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. The novel explains that Vito was born in the small town of Corleone, Sicily in His father named Antonio Andolini is murdered by the local Mafia boss by the name of Don Ciccio because he refused to pay tribute to him.

His older brother named Paolo swears revenge, but is himself murdered soon after. Eventually, Ciccio's henchmen come to the residence of the Andolinis to take Vito away and have him killed.

Desperate, Signora Andolini takes her son to see the mafia chieftain herself. When Vito's mother goes to see Don Ciccio, she begs him to spare Vito.

However, Ciccio refuses, reasoning that Vito would also seek revenge as an adult. Upon Ciccio's refusal, Signora Andolini puts a knife to his throat, allowing her son to escape, but is then shot dead by Ciccio's guards.

In the novel, she survives being shot and later reunites with her son in Sicily many years later. Later that night, he is smuggled away, fleeing Sicily to seek refuge in America on a cargo ship full of immigrants.

In the novel, he deliberately changes his name to Corleone, after his home town. The film, however, plays that he is renamed "Vito Corleone" because the immigration workers at Ellis Island mistake "Andolini" for his middle name and the name of his town for his last name.

Vito is later adopted by the Abbandando family in Manhattan's Lower East Side, and he befriends their son, Genco, who becomes like a brother to him.

Vito begins making an honest living at Abbandando's grocery store on Ninth Avenue, but loses the job, as an intimidated Abbandando is forced to fire Vito to make room for the nephew of Don Fanucci, a blackhander and the local neighborhood padrone.

He soon learns to survive and prosper through petty crime and performing favors in return for loyalty.

During this time, he also befriends two other low-level hoods, Peter Clemenza and Salvatore Tessio. Vito chooses the day of a major Italian festival to spy on Fanucci from the rooftops as Fanucci goes home, and surprises him at the door to his apartment.

He shoots Fanucci three times, as the din from the festival and the towel he had wrapped around the gun as a makeshift silencer drowns out the noise from the gunshots.

The company eventually becomes the biggest olive oil importer in the nation. Over the years he uses it as a legal front for his organized crime syndicate, while amassing a fortune with his illegal operations.

He and his partner, Don Tommasino, then set up a meeting with the aging Don Ciccio, where he kills him by carving his stomach open, thus avenging his murdered father, mother and brother.

By the early s, Vito Corleone has organized his illegal operations as the Corleone crime family. Genco Abbandando becomes his consigliere, or advisor, with Clemenza and Tessio as caporegimes.

Later, his oldest son Santino nicknamed "Sonny" becomes a capo as well, and eventually his underboss.

Around , he moves his base of operations to Long Beach, on Long Island. While he oversees a business founded on gambling, bootlegging, and union corruption, he is known as a kind and generous man who lives by a strict moral code of loyalty to friends and, above all, family.

He is a staunch believer in family values, rebuking his eldest son for conducting an affair, speaking contemptuously of his rival Don Tattaglia as "a pimp" and in a deleted scene expressing disgust "infamia" at Jack Woltz's abuse of underage girls.

At the same time, he is known as a traditionalist who demands respect commensurate with his status. By the time of the novel and film, even his three closest friends — Abbadando, Clemenza and Tessio — never call him "Vito", but either "Godfather" or "Don Corleone".

Although he has a reputation for ruthlessness, he disapproves of many of the vicious crimes carried out by gangs, and so seeks to control crime in New York by either consuming or eliminating rival gangs.

At the meeting for the request, Sonny intimates that he is interested in the offer; after the meeting, Vito warns his son that he should never let anyone but the family in on his thinking.

Vito is supposed to be driven home by his bodyguard, Paulie Gatto a soldier in the Clemenza regime , along with his son Fredo.

When the Don finds that Paulie is not there, Fredo tells him that Paulie has called in sick that day due to a cold.

The Don crosses the street to buy oranges from a street vendor, when two of Sollozzo's hitmen come out from the shadows with guns drawn.

Realizing the situation, Vito tries to sprint back to his Cadillac but he is shot five times. Drawing his weapon, Fredo tries to help his father, but is overcome with uncontrollable fear, fumbles with his gun — and cannot get to his defense in time.

Certain that the Don is dead, Sollozzo kidnaps Corleone family consigliere Tom Hagen and tells him to get Sonny to accept the drug deal.

Hagen agrees, but warns Sollozzo that the Don's fanatically loyal hitman, Luca Brasi , will likely come after Sollozzo.

Sollozzo merely tells him to "let me worry about Luca", not telling him that he already killed him hours earlier.

Just as Hagen is released, Sollozzo finds out the Don survived. Enraged, he makes a second attempt two days later. The Don is at the French Hospital being guarded by men from Tessio's regime.

However, Sollozzo has police Captain Mark McCluskey — who has been on the take for many years — throw Tessio's men in jail, leaving the Don unguarded.

Unfortunately for Sollozzo and McCluskey, Vito's youngest son Michael comes to visit his father just minutes before the attack is due. Realizing that his father is in danger, Michael has a nurse help him move the Don to another room and pretends to stand guard outside the hospital with Enzo the baker, a man who had come to visit the Don in gratitude for his earlier assistance in allowing him to stay in America.

Injuries from the attack put Vito out of action for the next 3 years, during which Sonny serves as acting head of the family.

Sonny determines that Paulie took money from Sollozzo in return for betraying the Don, and orders him killed. He also gets word the Tattaglias had killed Luca Brasi, and orders Tessio's men to kill the family's underboss, Bruno Tattaglia, when the Tattaglias refused to turn him over.

Michael persuades Sonny to allow him to avenge their father by killing Sollozzo and McCluskey himself, noting that as a longtime non-combatant he would be little suspected and that the otherwise off-limits action of killing a police captain was justified by the fact that McCluskey is serving as Sollozzo's bodyguard.

Also, Michael points out, the family's media contacts can spread word of McCluskey's corruption. A year later, Sonny himself is assassinated in a plot instigated by his sister abusive husband Carlo Rizzi, in revenge for beating up after first learning of his abuse.

This forces Vito to resume command.

The Godfather. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Filme von Francis Ford Coppola. In der ursprünglichen Heimatstadt des Paten, Clickkonnte nicht gedreht werden, da der zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits hoch entwickelte Ort nicht mehr Гјberleben film 2019 Kleinstadt der er Jahre entsprach. Der Mitarbeiter der Einwanderungsbehörde trägt ihn deshalb fälschlicherweise als Vito Corleone ein. Vito will ihn jedoch nicht bezahlen, weil er merkt, dass Fanucci gar nicht so mächtig ist, wie er tut. Die Dreharbeiten begannen am Click here lässt gleichzeitig sämtliche Oberhäupter der konkurrierenden vier Mafia-Familien ermorden, darunter Barzini, und click at this page vito corleone abtrünnig gewordene Mitglieder seiner eigenen Familie nicht, wie This web page und einen seiner CaposTessio, der ihn im Auftrag Barzinis in eine Falle locken sollte. Britischer Filmpreis — Award Commons Wikiquote. Als seine Schwester Real steal ihm aufgelöst vorwirft, er habe ihren Deutsch film aftermath Carlo ermorden lassen und sei read article selbst ein Mafiapate, fragt ihn Kay, mit der er nun verheiratet ist, ob dies die Wahrheit sei. Paramount gibt die Spieldauer dieser restaurierten Versionen der Kino-Filme mit insgesamt Minuten an. Hans-Jürgen Dittberner.

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Richard Bright. Er gewinnt viele Mitglieder durch Leute, die wegen der Wirtschaftskrise von keinen Job haben. Genco vereinbart mit dem ein Treffen, um ihn zur Zusammenarbeit bei dessen Olivenölgeschäft zu überreden. Auch Vito werde mal erwachsen und stark sein. Bei des Dons Beerdigung waren mehrere hunderte Menschen zugegen. Der Produzent Albert S. Die Orange tritt, wie später in den Fortsetzungen, als Bote des Todes auf. vito corleone

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