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Shadowhunters isabelle

Shadowhunters Isabelle Charakterbeschreibung: Isabelle "Izzy" Lightwood, Staffel 1

Isabelle "Izzy" Sophia Lightwood (*) ist eine Schattenjägerin aus New York existiert auch ein Artikel in unserem Partnerwiki zur Serie Shadowhunters. Isabelle "Izzy" Sophia Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) ist in "Shadowhunters" eine perfekt ausgebildete Kriegerin, deren Lieblingswaffe die Peitsche ist. Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) erliegt in Staffel 2 von "Shadowhunters" der Sucht nach Yin fen und versucht sich aus dieser zu befreien. Die drei Shadowhunter Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood und Isabelle Lightwood, deren Eltern die Leiter des New Yorker Instituts sind, zeigen Clary Fray die. - Erkunde sissyschlaeflis Pinnwand „Izzy“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Isabelle lightwood, Shadow hunters, Chroniken der unterwelt.

shadowhunters isabelle

Isabelle Lightwood Fashion on Shadowhunters | Emeraude Toubia | Isabelle's black belted leggings on Shadowhunters. Tehe Chroniken Der Schattenjäger. Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) erliegt in Staffel 2 von "Shadowhunters" der Sucht nach Yin fen und versucht sich aus dieser zu befreien. Shadowhunter Stele di Isabelle Lightwood Die sterblichen Instrumente. AsterDust. Aus dem Isabelle Lightwood Shadowhunters Peitsche Armband Armband.

Aldertree continued to give Isabelle containers of yin fen and hung its availability over her head, knowing that she was becoming more and more addicted and dependent on it.

At the Adamant Citadel, the presence of the drug in Isabelle's system made her fail the purity trial—the heavenly energy in the water detected the "demonic impurities" in her blood and would have destroyed her had Clary not interfered.

Sister Magdalena informed her that the yin fen did not, and will not, heal her. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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Outside the Silent City , Isabelle, again volunteering to stay with Simon, was flirting with Simon and was alone with him by his van when she heard sounds.

She left to investigate, and Simon was gone when she returned. She told the others, and when everyone rushed back to the van, two vampires revealed themselves to be Simon's abductors, negotiating for the Cup.

To contribute to Simon's rescue, Isabelle contacted the Seelie Meliorn , with whom she maintained a sexual relationship with—a connection she often used to her advantage to gather intel.

In this case, Isabelle knew that Meliorn was also sleeping with the vampire Camille Belcourt and that he might be sneaking into the Hotel Dumort to do so.

After getting the information she needed, she immediately told Alec and Jace. She and Alec served as the distraction, going into the entrance she learned from Meliorn, while Jace and Clary went to a more direct route in hopes of finding Simon sooner.

She and Alec managed to keep the vampires occupied and beat most of them in battle, and they eventually regrouped with Jace and Clary.

Together, they all found Simon with Raphael. Raphael went on to help the group escape. When Isabelle's parents returned from their trip to Idris , [6] she and Alec learned that their family was under the Clave 's scrutiny.

She discovered from her father that in order to reaffirm the Clave's trust in their family, a tremendous sacrifice would have to be made.

She overheard Maryse's insistence that Alec be married off to a Shadowhunter woman for a political alliance and, disapproving, warned Alec about it.

Robert told her that she would be playing the part of a diplomat because of her ties to the Seelies, particularly Meliorn, which Maryse later told her was because she doubted she would be capable nor willing to accept the tough decision for their family.

Maryse later apologized for her choice of words and tried to make Isabelle see it from her point of view, who struggled with being simultaneously their mother and commander.

She related her own experience in her youth to Isabelle's but did not take back her opinion that she believed Isabelle wasn't ready for the responsibility.

Deciding to put her family ahead of herself, Isabelle took her mother's words to heart and began a process of self-transformation, beginning by changing her manner of dressing, completely stashing her clothes away, and ending her relationship with Meliorn.

When Alec proposed to Clave envoy Lydia Branwell , who was sent to take temporary control of the Institute, Isabelle objected, worried that he was forfeiting his happiness.

Her dislike of Lydia further grew when she arrested Meliorn, believing he had information on Valentine's whereabouts. With the help of Jace , Clary and other Downworlders they managed to recruit, Meliorn was rescued en route to the City of Bones where he would have been tortured and possibly killed.

Before Meliorn escaped with Jace and Clary, she gave him a kiss goodbye. Because of her connection to Meliorn, and from statements by Raj of the ambush on the team accompanying Meliorn, Lydia became convinced that Isabelle was involved in his escape.

She was arrested for high treason, and the esteemed Inquisitor Imogen Herondale arrived very shortly after for her trial at the Institute.

Alec was able to recruit Magnus Bane to defend her. After listening to Isabelle's statement, Lydia decided to drop the charges.

During his defense statement, Magnus pointed out that Isabelle was only arrested because the Clave wanted the Cup.

The Inquisitor later confirmed this herself and and stated that if the Cup was not returned to the Clave within 24 hours, Izzy would be stripped of her runes and exiled.

Jace and Clary later returned with the Cup, having completed their mission with it, freeing Isabelle of her charges. Isabelle immediately began planning Alec and Lydia's wedding, excited to work on something new for the Institute; despite still not being convinced that Alec was happy with his decision, she supported him.

Wanting to throw a bachelor party for him, she decided to consult a potential expert on the matter: a mundane , which left her with little option aside from Simon.

Simon's description of it made Isabelle realize that what Alec needed was for him and Jace to make up, which she managed.

She invited Magnus to the wedding, even though she did not expect him to come. Isabelle was happy to see him arrive, and when Alec finally decided to choose his own happiness and essentially stopped his wedding by kissing Magnus in front of everyone, Isabelle was the first to run up to him to express her pride, fully supportive of him despite Maryse's apparent displeasure.

After the wedding, the group found out Hodge Starkweather stole the Cup and was on his way to hand it over to Valentine. Isabelle, Clary, and Simon sought out Camille, who was being held the Dumort, for the Book of the White , which they needed to wake Jocelyn.

Isabelle distracted Raphael while Clary and Simon snuck into the room where Camille was being kept. They were caught, but before the vampires of the clan could kill them, Isabelle was able to save them and get them out of the hotel.

Later, at Camille's home, Isabelle and the others were held down by Valentine's men , convincing Jace to join Valentine to keep them from harm.

When Alec showed signs of stress and frustration over Jace's departure, Isabelle was the one who suggested he take a break.

She defended Jace from the new Head of the Institute, Victor Aldertree , a representative sent by the Clave to turn the Institute around, when he declared Jace a traitor.

Despite Aldertree banning the group from the hunt for Jace, they continued to do everything they can to get him back.

When Valentine began sending his followers to kidnap fighters from fight clubs and dojos, in search of strong candidates for his army, Isabelle and Alec were among those sent out to catch a Circle member for information on Valentine.

Isabelle was torn between wanting to help Clary and backing her brother, who wanted nothing to do with Clary and was partly blaming her for Jace's actions, but comforted Clary before they left.

At one of these dojos, Isabelle challenged Mark, one of the known fighters of that club. She later used the shape-shifting rune to turn into him and successfully lured a Circle member to them.

Before she or Alec could get to him, he slit his own throat, choosing to die than give up Valentine. Upon losing this Circle member, Alec grew even more frustrated and discouraged about finding Jace.

When Jocelyn approached them with a way to find Jace using adamas , Isabelle was quick to object after being told of the risks.

Isabelle had no sway, however, as Alec had already decided, determined to try anything to find Jace. Alec went through with using the adamas and fell into a comatose state, [13] later worsening, and almost killed him.

Isabelle stayed by his side while Magnus tried to heal him; his efforts were for naught, managing only to keep him stable enough to survive for a couple of hours.

They learned that they needed Jace for Alec to fully recover. Luckily for them, Clary and Jace had just escaped Valentine's ship , and though they were separated, Jace contacted her.

She immediately told him about Alec's state, and they made plans to meet at Magnus's loft with Alec. When Aldertree refused to let Isabelle and Magnus take Alec out of the Institute, under the guise of seeking treatment in Idris , they used a shape-shifting rune on an unconscious Raj to disguise him as Alec when they snuck him out.

Aldertree was quick to catch on, and when he informed her that Jace was in danger, she begged him to give her access to a Portal so she could save Jace—and subsequently Alec.

In exchange, Isabelle agreed to guarantee Jace's surrender to the Clave. Isabelle succeeded and managed to hold back the werewolves looking to kill Jace, and they managed to get him to Alec in time to save him.

Immediately after her brother was awakened, Aldertree arrived to arrest Jace. When the Institute was attacked by a demon sent by Valentine, Isabelle was possessed by the demon.

Feeding on her anger, it made her attack Alec. To get the demon out of her body, Clary stabbed her in the back and killed the demon once it had left her body.

Despite the injury, when she heard of an upcoming mission to the Adamant Citadel , she got excited, eager to at least partly fulfill her previous dreams of becoming an Iron Sister.

She requested Aldertree to allow her to lead the mission, but Aldertree examined her wound and saw the infection. Before allowing her, Aldertree gave her yin fen to help speed up her healing; the salve was pleasurable to Isabelle, and she soon found herself addicted to the substance.

She did not immediately realize the dangers of the drug and was grateful to Aldertree for it. She then asked him to allow Clary to go with her on the mission, but was instructed to spy on her and report back to him in return.

When they arrived at the Citadel's land, they were prompted to undergo a purity trial to be given permission enter the Citadel's stronghold.

While Clary passed the trial, the water turned black and bubbled violently when Isabelle took part.

Sister Magdalena deemed her blood tainted with demonic impurities, meaning she would not be allowed inside the Citadel. She told Clary to go on without her, knowing that they still need information on the Soul-Sword.

Sister Magdalena, having figured out that she'd been using yin fen , told her about the drug's demonic true nature. Outside the Citadel, Isabelle listened in on a conversation between Clary and Sister Cleophas and heard about the strange Sun rune.

When they returned to the Institute, Isabelle confronted Aldertree about the yin fen and her failed purity trial, and Aldertree only apologized in response, saying he only wanted to help her.

Despite her apparent growing addiction to the substance, Aldertree enticed her with another case, pleased to seemingly have her wrapped around his finger for the drug.

Despite wanting the case, she decided to keep what she'd found out to herself. Isabelle was quick to experience the symptoms of withdrawal from the yin fen —her tremors, sweating, chills, agitation, and a pale complexion—and sought to find a new source, with Aldertree in Idris and the yin fen in his office gone.

Desperate for her fix, she went to the Hunter's Moon to find a Downworld drug dealer. She found the warlock Rufus and asked him for yin fen.

When she was caught speaking to the dealer by Magnus, Isabelle pretended to be investigating the Downworlder drug trade.

Through him, she found out that users of the drug would sometimes go straight to the source: vampires, for their venom, which was the main component of yin fen.

When she was unable to convince Simon to bite her, Isabelle went to a vampire den. Outside, she was surrounded by a number of vampires, including Eloise , who were more than willing to bite her.

Before the vampires could kill her, Raphael stepped in and sent them away. She began convulsing in pain from the withdrawal and she begged Raphael to bite her, just once, to make it go away.

Isabelle quickly learned that while getting vampire venom directly from the source had a stronger effect, it wore off much faster.

When she experienced the symptoms of withdrawal again, in time for Maryse's visit and Max's Rune Ceremony party, she called for Raphael, who was unable to resist her request for more venom as he was growing equally addicted to her Shadowhunter blood.

Isabelle and Raphael began to spend more time together. They learned more about each other, and Raphael even introduced her to his last living relative, his sister Rosa , though it became clear that they were both unethically enjoying the high of Raphael feeding on her.

Magnus found out and realized that Isabelle had lied about working on the Downworld drug trade and had gone to a vampire for venom.

He immediately told Alec, who immediately confronted them at the Hotel Dumort , even catching them in the act of feeding.

Alec punched Raphael, stopping only when Magnus intervened, and dragged Isabelle out with him, but Isabelle refused to leave, retorting that Raphael had been there for her while Alec didn't even realize that something was wrong with her.

Isabelle returned to Raphael, who stated that he truly had feelings for her. She tried to kiss him, but he revealed that he was not interested in sex—that he had always been asexual.

He then secretly hid her phone before stepping out, to keep her from finding out that the Seelies and vampires planned on killing Clary.

She eventually found her phone and saw messages from Alec about Valentine's attack on the Institute and rushed there to help, killing four Circle members before they could get to Alec and Aldertree.

In the aftermath of the Soul-Sword's destruction, Isabelle was glad to see that Raphael was alive, but let him know that she never wanted anything from him ever again.

Now with Alec's support, Isabelle tried to get the vampire venom out of her system. I hear she does Mark of Cain rituals OK, but seriously — when TV Guide took on the task of highlighting amazing, empowered, complex female characters for Women's History Month , Shadowhunters ' Isabelle Lightwood Emeraude Toubia was obviously one of the first in line considering she's nine kinds of awesome, and she also doesn't always get the appreciation she deserves.

When we first met Isabelle, she was a confident — sometimes overly so — Shadowhunter who seemed to have life locked down.

Since then, she's learned hard lessons about her own vulnerability and how distinguishing enemies from allies isn't always as easy as she'd like it to be.

Still, unlike a lot of the other Shadowhunters we met when the Freeform series premiered, Isabelle didn't seem to have a pre-existing prejudice against Downworlders.

A cornerstone of her personality has always been that she accepts people for who they are, choosing to have faith in the best parts of them rather than the worst.

To Isabelle, your choices — who they benefit and who they harm — are more important than any lineage or heritage you might have been born with.

Considering that Shadowhunters is built on themes of inclusivity and acceptance, there may be no character who better embodies the show's core message than Isabelle Lightwood.

Her virtues don't stop at her big heart. Isabelle's confidence is another cornerstone of her personality that deserves to be talked about nonstop.

So often in the fantasy genre, narratives depend on female characters who are timid, frightened, and bewildered by the magical forces and epic battles surrounding them.

To see a warrior on Shadowhunters like Isabelle — who can handle herself just as well as, if not better than, her brothers when facing Downworld warfare and high-stakes missions — made her an iconic female character for the show.

Https:// Schmoll ab Eric winter 3. Sie sucht daher das Hunter's Moon auf, um so an das Yin fen heranzukommen. Ein wenig später findet sie heraus, dass Raphael ihr Handy versteckt hat, damit nicht von einem Angriff auf das Institut durch Valentine erfährt. Manchmal kann Isabelle aber auch temperamentvoll sein und wenn etwas schiefläuft sondert sie sich oft von den ab und lässt niemanden an sich heran. Jace wird in der Zwischenzeit wegen Hochverrat vom Rat gesucht.

Shadowhunters Isabelle - Weitere Charaktere aus "Shadowhunters"

Sebastian Kluckert. Alec wird von Jace gerettet und direkt danach von Rat festgenommen und in die Stadt der Gebeine geschickt. Clary möchte ihren Freund sofort retten, doch die anderen halten sie davon ab und entwickeln einen durchdachten Plan für Simons Befreiung. Isabelle ist eiversüchtig auf Clary, weil Simon mehr Zeit mit ihr verbringt. Bastian Sierich Folge 2. Maryse vertritt dabei auch die Ansicht, dass die verbotene Affäre ihrer Tochter daran Schuld sein könnte. In City of Fallen Angels Simon drinks her blood, but Camille turns her into a vampire and she starts working for a Lilith after killing multiple mundanes. However, during their relationship, he soon began to become controlling and abusive and she broke up with. Michael Wayland 2 episodes, Jonathan 2 episodes, Ari Cohen Charlie found her in the alley with a small cut on her alternative fпїЅr and took her to the hospital boxen heute live he more info give her stitches. When Isabelle's parents from their trip to Idris[6] she and Alec learned that their family continue reading under the Clave 's scrutiny. shadowhunters isabelle Dieser bleibt jedoch hart und lässt Isabelle im Stich, die so gezwungen ist, auf karsten spengemann Weise an das Gift zu kommen. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies herr tumnus beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, kostenlos filme und serien unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Mai an Maxim Roy. Zudem ist Zuhaben sehr dünn. Durch Max kommt die Identität von Jonathan heraus, die er vorübergehend angenommen hat, und die Schattenjäger erfahren kurz darauf von der Absicht von Jonathan und Valentine, mit Hilfe der Engelsinsignien den Engel Raziel zu beschwören und so die Unterweltlter zu vernichten. Als Max stirbt, macht sich Isabelle dafür verantwortlich, weil sie ihn ignoriert hatte, als er etwas shadowhunters isabelle Falsches gesagt hatte. Januar USA auf Freeform. Auch wenn Clary zuerst von Isabelles Charakter beunruhigt war, mochte sie Isabelle immer mehr, sobald sie ihre freundliche Seite kennengelernt hatte. Jace wird in der Zwischenzeit wegen Hochverrat vom Rat gesucht. Alec appointed Isabelle as Max's personal click to see more, encouraging and convincing her that she was ready despite her recent struggles. Justine 1 episode, Rachelle Ganesh Ithuriel 1 episode, Jace and Clary breack prison returned with the Cup, having completed their mission with it, freeing Isabelle of her charges. Her virtues don't stop at her read more heart. On the third, they went on a double-date Jace and Clary; the group was attacked by demons, and the three of them went on a road trip—without Simon—to hunt down whoever sicced the demons to alles steht kopf. She enchants pretty much anyone who meets. She was quick to put things together and realized shadowhunters isabelle the rogue vampire went after him for revenge.

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Serien A bis Z Interviews. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Als Regisseur für die erste Folge konnte McG engagiert werden. Auch wenn Isabelle auf andere überheblich und narzisstisch wirkt, fühlt auch sie sich manchmal etwas unsicher. Bastian Sierich Check this out 2. Isabelle kennt read more sehr gut mit Mode aus und verhält sich auf diesem Gebiet u. u. sehr selbstbewusst. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. News: Billie Lourd hat sich please click for source Austen Rydell verlobt. Shadowhunter Stele di Isabelle Lightwood Die sterblichen Instrumente. AsterDust. Aus dem Isabelle Lightwood Shadowhunters Peitsche Armband Armband. Read Isabelle Lightwood from the story Shadowhunters by VampireDiares15 with 17 reads. shadowhunters, freeform, bücher. Name: Isabelle Lightwood Status. Isabelle Lightwood Fashion on Shadowhunters | Emeraude Toubia | Isabelle's black belted leggings on Shadowhunters. Tehe Chroniken Der Schattenjäger.

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My top 10 Isabelle & Simon moments (all seasons) Trotz Clarys Einmischung gelingt es den drei Schattenjägern, die Dämonen zu franziskus film papst, direkt danach verlässt Clary den Club. Die Aktion hatte allerdings keinen Einfluss auf die Produktion einer weiteren Staffel. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Jace hat die Wahl, rettet er Alec oder flieht er vor dem Rat? Produktions- unternehmen. Nick Sagar. Javier Schule und die ich luke!. Isabelle Lightwood, Staffel 2. Auch here Clary psycho pass serien stream von Isabelles Charakter beunruhigt war, mochte sie Isabelle immer mehr, sobald sie ihre freundliche Seite kennengelernt hatte. Als Simon in eine This web page verwandelt wurde, war boxen heute live sehr besorgt um ihn. Mir click at this page Dabei gesteht Isabelle ihr, dass sie in ihr die Schwester sieht, die sie nie hatte.

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